Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fort Yau-der-DALE

Despite the fact that Max thought he was going back to New York City when we boarded the plane to Ft. Lauderdale last week, he adapted pretty well when we arrived in Florida and there was no Times Square or Central Park. Mike wondered what the map in Max's head must look like. I am sure it would be fascinating.

One of our first nights on vacation we treated Max to sushi. He had his own (whole) sushi roll and also split some dumplings with us, generous boy that he is.

We spent quite a bit of time on the beach. This is Max's patented double-dump method of filling a bucket.

And his "cool dude" sunglasses, which he will remind you of if you don't say it when you put them on him.

He loved looking at the water from our balcony.

And swimming with daddy and mama.

But probably his favorite thing was climbing out of the pool, touching the deck and jumping right back in to daddy.

A close second was filling up this dump truck, pushing it to the grass, and dumping it out. Over, and over and over and over and...

More evidence in support of Captain Tornado's nickname:

Apparently the outdoor table also makes a lovely bench.

Squishing ants (or trying to...his motor skills aren't quite fast enough yet):

Best picture ever:

Max was such a good boy on the plane both directions. On the way there we planned the flight for nap time in hopes that he would sleep, and he did for two hours. Unfortunately the flight home (which was just me and Max since Mike stayed for spring training games) was not at nap time, but despite that I got him to sleep and he took another great nap, two hours before his normal nap time. We were super lucky and got to sit in first class on the way home too and even had an empty seat next to us so we could spread out and Max could play with his cars.

All in all another very fun trip.

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