Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Photos this time

We had a lovely day a week or so ago so Max (who can now sit up, more-or-less in the stroller) and I went for a nice long walk on the Prairie Path near our house. It is 60-something miles of biking/walking/running trails that wind through the western suburbs. I think we are going to love it! He did pretty well until the end of the walk when he just wanted to get home.

He's not doing much better in the car, but has some good moments. God help us for the drive to Michigan! Not looking forward to that one. However, just in the last week we've made some major progress on the sleep front - he has been napping by himself and not on my lap (though on the couch, so still not ideal...) for the past few days and we've been able to get him into the crib, at least for an hour or a little more at the beginning of bedtime. It's not much, but for us it is major progress.

Yesterday while in the Bumbo next to me while I was washing dishes, Max pulled on of my measuring spoons off its hanger on the wall and decided to eat it. His coordination is getting really good!

And one more picture of his cute Halloween costume. The cutest Wild Thing!

First Halloween

Max dressed up as Max (King of All Wild Things!) from Where the Wild Things Are for his first Halloween. It was the perfect re-purposing of an adorable bunting that Aunt Ruthi gave him.

We stayed here and gave out candy to the very few trick-or-treaters that braved the no-sidewalk side of the street. Good thing I bought five bags of candy!

Grandma Wood made up a version of peek-a-boo that Max was absolutely loving.