Thursday, December 16, 2010


I seem to have a lot of pictures of Max eating and making a mess... Here he is with a nice bowl of chili and cornbread. It was ALL over the floor too. What a mess. You'll also notice the little stickers on his face. He loves stickers.

He loved his first taste of oreo cookie (or the Trader Joe's version at least). Yep, we often do lunch in the buff except for a diaper and a bib. Makes the laundry easier.

I also have a lot of pictures of Max "making soup" in his little kitchen. At least it mostly keeps him out of my hair when I am trying to actually make dinner. His favorite soup to make these days is the delicious Block Soup.

He also climbs up on the kitchen and tries to give me a heart attack.

We had a very cold trip to the zoo recently to get our Christmas tree, and Max asked to go back the very next day. Of course we took him. He had fun riding on daddy's shoulders.

We took Max to see Santa again this year. At first this is the closest he would get.

But after we bribed him with a candy cane, which he insisted was a sucker. One of his favorite things. Then he sat on Santa's lap nicely. When we asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him he said "presents". When we asked him what kind he said "orange". He is starting to understand a little bit at least. He also is pointing to the fireplace and saying "down!". Mike was telling him the other night that Santa will come down the chimney, and he seems fascinated by that.

And he checked out the geese with his friends at the window. He hugged and hugged and hugged his girlfriend Maddie - she seemed unimpressed.

Max is learning what we say during the holidays, and when prompted (and sometimes unprompted) he'll say HA-PY for Happy Holidays. So, HA-PY to all of you!