Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (At Least For Now)

Max was all dressed in green for St. Patrick's Day today. We were a little matchy-matchy. Oh well - it is a new mothers prerogative, right?? At the grocery store today, the checker asked me how old Max was when I "got" him. I am frankly pretty surprised that this is the first time (at almost 10-months old!) that someone has (out-loud) mistaken him as adopted. He still doesn't look much like mama.

When we turn on music now he bounces and dances along with the beat. Too cute.

We have been really enjoying getting out and getting some exercise (me) and some fresh air (both of us) during this wonderful spring warm-up that we have been having the last week or so. Max has been really good in the stroller - nothing like last summer when he just cried. And in fact, ever since our trip to Michigan, he has been pretty great in the car too! A major (and wonderful) change. I took him to the park for the first time this week and put him in the baby swing. He was not too impressed by the whole experience. Maybe next time he'll get excited.

We are still figuring out his new schedule with Daylight Saving Time... He is now sleeping (most of the time) until 6:15 rather than 5:15 (MUCH more reasonable) and is up long enough that we can all have dinner together. We can also now get a walk in before his first nap in the morning or after lunch. It is amazing what a difference one hour makes to a schedule. It has been a big adjustment, but so far so good.
We are having to guess what he wants less and less these days as he is pointing to everything, and in particular what he wants to eat. What a surprise! We know where he gets his appetite and love of food from! The other night at dinner Mike discovered that Max would point to what he wanted (broccoli in one dish, ground beef in another, or kisses from Mike). He's still not too into the sippy cup, but does love drinking a little bit of water from a regular cup.

I don't know how he did it, but even with pajamas and a bib on he still dripped blueberry juice all over his belly and onto his diaper. Bathtime doesn't usually happen at 7:30 am, but this week it did.

After one small incident today, I am looking forward to the day when Max knows not to put his hand in the toilet. Yuck.

I think we are expecting snow next week, but at least for now we have crocuses blooming in our yard. It is so fun to see what comes up this year - the first spring in our new home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Happier Spring!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Road Trip!

No posting last week because Max and I took a roadtrip! Mike was away for another whole week, so we packed up everything we own (or that's what it felt like at least) and headed to Michigan. Lucky Max got to see all five grandparents in the span of a few days. We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Purdy, spent the day Friday with Grandma Wood and then celebrated Bachan Yone's 90th birthday in the Detroit area along with Grandma Alyse and Grandpa Vic.

The drive was way less painful than I had imagined. We timed it just right and got both naps taken care of while we drove. Over the whole time we were in the car, we probably had only 20 or 30 minutes of baby-freak-out, which was a major accomplishment considering the number of hours we spent in the car.

Max found a special hiding spot at Grandma and Grandpa Purdy's - his own little Max-sized fort.

When we got back he surprised me by climbing into this laundry basket all by himself. This kid has no fear. He also pulled his piano table over on himself today and didn't even cry.

He's pointing like crazy at everything and also waves (when he feels like it) when he hears "bye-bye". We don't even have to wave anymore to get him to do it. I told him to splash in the bathtub last night too and he did it. He surprises us with how much he understands!

No, Max, YOU DA MAN!

Sweet happy baby!