Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Camping Trip

Max went on his first camping trip for the 4th of July this year - reviving a tradition from when we lived in Boston and would go up to Maine or Vermont for the weekend. This trip was quite different with 14 adults and 10 kids age 3 and under. No one got hurt and everyone had fun, so despite some overnight rain I would say the weekend was a huge success!

Telling stories to his birthday-buddy:

Max slept through the night both nights in the tent - so we might even try to take him on another camping trip yet this summer/fall.

Everyone had a great time at the beach. We spent almost a full day playing in the sand, with seaweed, and swimming in Devil's Lake.

And we tried hard to get a picture of the "triplets" - all three born on the same day - but they weren't too interested in our plans. Here's the best one.

Happy camper!