Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Favorite New Game

Don't mind my disaster-area of the kitchen - Hurricane Max wreaked havoc throughout the house yesterday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Early Summer

In just a couple of days you will be 13 months old! Where has the last month gone?? We've been running all over creation, seeing friends and family, visiting grandparents, reunion-ing with high school friends and enjoying the summer - especially our wonderful garden. We even harvested our first vegetables this week - a big bowl of beautiful and delicious lettuce for Father's Day Dinner. We have visited the pool, which you can't get enough of - especially when you have a tiny little watering can to fill and dump over and over (and over and over and over) for two hours at a time (no joke).

We started off the summer on Memorial Day Monday by throwing you a first birthday party. You ate more pie.

In the pouring rain.

Despite the bad weather, more than 60 friends and family came out to celebrate you! You were such a good boy and had fun chasing the older kids around, trying to do what they were doing.

You have exploded in the last month in your understanding of what we say to you and trying to communicate with us, or at least mimicking the sounds that we make. You can tell us what a doggie says (though you've been able to do that for months) and what a pig says and you are trying to say car and ball and bubbles and blueberry and you definitely know how to say banana. Before you were even calling me mama you were calling the dog across the street by name. You look for Coco every time we leave the house. You amaze me every day with something new that I didn't know that you knew. A couple days ago you signed "more" to me after I said it in conversation to someone else. You stubborn little thing - you won't do it when I ask you if you want more of something, but you know what it is! (I wonder where you get that stubborn streak from. It can't be from me, that's for sure.)

You are so affectionate. I love your kisses and hugs and cuddles. Just tonight while I was making dinner for just the two of us, you came up and hugged my leg, just a little at first then tighter, then you started patting my leg like I pat your back. Sweet sweet boy.

You are solidly walking too, after taking your first steps the day before your party, on May 28. You toddle after everything like Frankenstein, but you get where you want to go. And you love your climber and sandbox in the back yard. You are an outdoor kid for sure.
Cool kid.