Saturday, January 29, 2011

Well into 2011

And I haven't even posted any pictures from the holidays. Unfortunately I didn't take too many... I guess we were too busy running from one place to the next. I did take a few videos, and have just now discovered that no sound recorded. Super disappointing! We have video of Max opening presents and his stocking with no sound... I'll have to have someone more adept with technology figure out what the problem is - I couldn't figure it out.

I did have a helper this year with making treats for friends and family. Max (with daddy's help) crushed up the candy canes for our Peppermint Bark.

Santa brought Max this wonderful train table and train set, which he has been using (and by using I mean destroying the tracks that daddy sets up) a lot!

In the cold Chicago winter we've been spending a lot of time at the DuPage Children's Museum. Max loves the wind area and especially loves playing in the wooden boat.

More boating. Hard at work!

Today Grandma Alyse and I took Max to the Arboretum to play in the snow and see some Huskies. We didn't get too close to the dogs, but it was a great day to be outside - not too cold and lots of good packing snow. Max had fun trying to make snowballs and throwing them on himself and trying to make snow angels (face down in the snow).

We had a lot of laughs.

I need to be better at taking more pictures, like I did the first year of Max's life. I have been kind of thwarted by the poor lighting conditions in a lot of our house and the fact that my flash makes pictures look totally horrible. And I need a better system for dealing with the pictures I do take. I need to sit down and deal with them and file them and everything once a month. It is almost the end of January, so I'll make my goal to take more pictures in February and put on my calendar to deal with the pictures at the end of each month. Maybe I can get into better habits... There just are never enough hours in the day.

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